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2019 Star World Championship in Porto Cervo, Italy

The Star World Championship is always a time of great action, fatigue and adrenaline on the water and good times, friendship and memories ashore. The 2019 Star World Championship will return, after exactly 30 years, in Porto Cervo, in the North East Shores of Sardinia, a magical Italian island, in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Emerald Coast
Its deep green water got it the name of Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) and history says that when the Prince Aga Khan visited the area back in the sixties, he fell in love with it and saw the potential of such beautiful and wild region. The rose rocks, forest green bushes, the bright light and the long June days ending with endless sunsets; the scent of the Mediterranean scrub, so intense, fresh and so typical: it’s the smell of freedom as this is an untamable land, made of untamable people.

Mistral blows
And when the Mistral blows, Costa Smeralda gets even wilder, rebel almost, inviting the sailors to glide on its waves, among the many little rock islands, feeling free and whole with the wind and water.

“Life is always better on a boat.”

Jet Set
Costa Smeralda is also one of the world’s top hot spots, where the jet-setters love to hang out in the summer, to enjoy its beauty during the day and live the night partying at restaurants, clubs and bars. Costa Smeralda has it all, and the Yacht Club that holds its name, founded by Prince Aga Khan himself, is the iconic symbol of this wild elegance and glamour. A beautiful welcoming club house, an amazing green pool with a watchtower and the warmest hospitality. The club sits above the docks overlooking the bay and the boats moored in the harbor, beautiful with sunshine, it’s breathtaking at night, when the lights are on. The regatta parties here are a must see, with local food amazingly prepared and offered on the familiar Piazza Azzurra, like a village festival, joyous and welcoming.

Magic moments
Everything is magic here, and the Star World Championship, magical itself, will find in Costa Smeralda its perfect home for the 2019 edition.