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Tomorrow together again

Posted by realestateinportocervo on 26 March 2020

I am sure you would all agree that the beginning of 2020 has turned up differently from what we had hoped or expected. The effects of the Coronavirus are devastating and yet we have not experienced the full effect of this Pandemic. 

At this time of the year, we would have normally been very busy booking beautiful villas to our guests; we would have been busy welcoming potential clients to Sardinia for viewings, negotiations and closing deals. We would have been happy that our ideas and recommendations have turned into converted business and we would all have looked forward to the approaching summer for its warm and promising embrace. Instead, for the past weeks the world has come to a striking halt and we are all left speechless for what it is happening around us, no one excluded. We are experiencing an extraordinary time of our life and “extra-ordinary” we must be. Thinking of the future is very challenging and perhaps at the moment impossible but what we can do is to stay focused, be realistic without panic; we all need the most of our energy to resume, to change, to continue.

A special thought goes to all that are suffering now and we wish you ALL the best in this difficult time and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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